Heading Off

We have left Brisbane and spent the night over at Moreton Island. I will give you a quick tour of the boat before I tell (and show) you the mind blowing creatures we have seen so far.

This is the cockpit where we steer the boat, put the sails up and down and spend most of our day.


Next is a place that has a stove, sink, bench and cupboards. If you can guess what it is you’re a genius!!!


It even has an oven where my dad makes bread!

This is my bed/room where I read, sleep and play with my pet fridge.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now we’re up to the chart table. This is one of the most important places on the boat! Without it we would probably get lost at sea with no chance of getting back to shore.


Now that is over lets talk about some extremely fun stuff I did this morning. We walked up these sand dunes on Moreton Island and then ran/hopped/rolled/flipped/fell down them. We saw some (a lot) of stingrays and some very whacky creatures.


This next photo is a nudibranch! It was three centimetres long and super cool.


Thanks everyone who donated to my GoFundMe Turtle Rehabilitation campaign. I’ve raised $300 already!!!

Here is the link for anyone who still wants to donate.


Sailing To Save The Turtles

The boat is back in action!!! This Saturday we are going to try to sail from Brisbane to Lord Howe Island! It will take three days with no stops to get there and we are going to be away for 3 weeks.. This trip I’m going try to raise money for the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC).

Did you know  that the Great Barrier Reef is home to 6 of the 7 species of marine turtles. Fifty million turtles around the world die each year. Ghost nets and plastic are the main problem with over 100,000 dying from these each year. The CTRC rescues injured turtles from the ocean and nurses them back to health. It is a voluntary, non-profit organisation and I visited their centre on Fitzroy Island when we were on our big sailing trip last year.  I’m going to try to raise $1000 on this sailing trip to Lord Howe Island and would love for anyone who is interested in my blog to donate to my GoFundMe campaign. I’m going to keep you posted about our adventures over the next 3 weeks.

Sailing To Save The Turtles

This is the link to the GoFundMe page, click on the Sailing to Save the Turtles sentence.

Do it for the turtles!!!!

Talk to you soon when we get to Brisbane and we’re on our way


Going home

We went to the Pilbara. The Pilbara is like a desert with no sand just red stones and spinifex (very spiky grass). I really liked the Pilbara but at the end of the trip my face was orange from the red dirt. We went to the Tom Price iron ore mine. It was SUPER big and had lots of SUPER big machines. The big yellow truck in the picture was small compared to some of the other trucks. The mine train was 2.5km long!!!!! We went to some gorges. they were super cool and super COOL (As in freezing) because we had to swim through some of them. We are heading home now. The trip has been really great and I recommend it to everyone.



Whale Sharks

We went to see the whale sharks in Exmouth. They were super cool and really big. We swam with them five times. Some of them had fish following them and some had jellyfish following them. We also saw a sea snake. It was really cool. We saw some hump back whales. One of them was covered in white patches. We also saw a logger head turtle. It was really big. Now we are going to Karijini.20170719_Mahi (9)20170719_Mahi (11)20170719_Mahi (21)20170719_Mahi (22)20170719_Mahi (24)20170719_Mahi (25)20170719_Mahi (26)20170719_Mahi (33)20170719_Mahi (39)20170719_Mahi (40)20170719_Mahi (102)20170719_Mahi (112)20170719_Mahi (156)20170719_Mahi (157)20170719_Mahi (176)20170719_Mahi (177)


We got to the Kimberley five weeks ago. Getting from Darwin to was really rocky, choppy and generally horrible. At King George River we went on a two day hike. We saw lots of Bradshaw art (art from before the last ice-age). To get to the start of the walk we had to climb a 15m waterfall. When we got back to the dinghy we found big teeth marks from a 4.5m croc!!!! At Hunter River we got STRANDED when the tide went out!!!!!!! We had no tent so we slept on the sand by a huge fire. The only food we had was VITA-WHEATS and VEGEMITE. I thought we were going to die of VITA-WHEAT poisoning!!!!!! We went to Horizontal Falls. We went through them on a really fast boat. It was really scary. We saw lots of Wandjina spirit art. They were super cool. Yesterday we caught a massive Spanish Macerel. It was 1.2m long!!!!! Today sailed past some whales. Now we are sailing into Broome. It will be the last sailing for the trip.


Leaving Darwin

Akira came to visit me again. We went to see the JUMPING CROCS!!!! There were two 5.5m crocodiles called THE DOMINATOR and BRUTUS!!!! We saw lots of other crocodiles as well. The next day we went camping at Litchfield National Park. We camped next to a really nice pool and me and Akira went yabbying. Now we are sailing to Broome. It will take 5 weeks. On the way to Broome we will be passing the Kimberley. map DarwinIMG_2882IMG_4243IMG_4254IMG_4257IMG_4290IMG_4310IMG_4327IMG_4332IMG_4340

Hiking Trip

We went hiking in Kakadu for 8 days. It was really hot. On the second day we found a didgeridoo. On the second day we walked for 8km to a really nice gorge and found a cave with some amazing rock art in it. The next day we went to Buffalo pool. It was really cold. The day after we went to Picaninny pools. They were really deep and very cold. We jumped of the cliffs. The next day we walked to near Baramundi falls. There were a lot of very nice pools on the way there. There was also some very tall grass (taller then me). On our second last day we found some SUPER AMAZING rock art. We also camped at a really nice sandy ‘beach’. It was really fun but very tiring. Now I have become really good at using a map and compass.IMG_3705IMG_3747IMG_3758IMG_3805IMG_3920IMG_3970IMG_3979IMG_4017IMG_4023IMG_4104IMG_4116IMG_4146IMG_4151IMG_4158IMG_4171IMG_4182IMG_4200IMG_4238OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA