A crocodile ATTACKED our dinghy!!!!! It was really scary.  We caught some very big fish!!!!! We cooked them on a fire on the beach. Some baby turtles had hatched and we saw their foot prints. We also saw some really detailed crocodile prints in the sand. Now we are arriving in Darwin after traveling 90 nautical miles (167km) in one day and night.IMG_3583iIMG_3607IMG_3622IMG_3632IMG_3652IMG_3658

5 thoughts on “Darwin”

  1. That fish in the tree would have been scary to meet face-to-face in the ocean. Is it as big as you? Not mention the crocodiles.
    Nell and Liane


  2. Hi seb, the fish on the second picture was HUGE, how tall is it?
    I did a report about Australia,it was great fun!


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