We went to Gapuwiyak for 3 days, Gapuwiyak is an aboriginal community near Gove. We went to collect pandanis leaves and dye with some local people. We got yellow dye from the roots of a funny tree and the red dye from a certain type of grass. To cut up the roots for the yellow dye we had to use a machete!!!!!!! The next day we put the dye in boiling water with the pandani leaves. They use the coloured pandani leaves to make baskets and mats. We went to the local art gallery and I bought a didgeridoo, it is really hard to play but makes a great sound. I played tiggy with sone of the local aboriginal kids who are really fast. We went fishing and at the fishing area there was grey mud knee deep. We didn’t catch any fish.The aboriginal community was really interesting. There was a lot of red dirt. Now we are going to sail to Darwin.IMG_3215IMG_3227IMG_3278IMG_3281IMG_3289IMG_3315IMG_3326IMG_3328IMG_3343IMG_3358IMG_3370IMG_3374IMG_3419map Gove

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