The Gulf of Carpenteria

We sailed across the Gulf of Carpenteria in three days and nights. It was really boring. In the mornings the swell was two metres+. My mum saw a sea snake go past at eye level. It was on top of a wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got really sea sick. I don’t think I’ve ever  been so happy to see land before.

11 thoughts on “The Gulf of Carpenteria”

  1. That trip must have felt like it was never going to end!! Just think about the early explorers who were out in the middle of the ocean for weeks and weeks feeling like that. Have you landed somewhere now? Where is your next stop?


  2. Tu as crié comme dans les films “terre, terre”!!!
    Tes aventures sont géniales en tout cas!
    Continue de profiter!

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  3. Not sure why, but my comment seems to be lost – and previous ones don’t seem to have got through either. Oh well, maybe this will work…

    Yes, I remember sailing with Ian outside Gove and it was pretty boring, although I have to say we did not have 2 metre swells that time – but I got seasick anyway 😦 The interesting bits will start soon, I think.

    How do you get to Gapuwiyak? Do you sail around there? or pick up a car and drive around from Nhulunbuy?

    Cheers …ann

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  4. I should say that I had just joined the crew at Gove, so was settling in, and it was mainly the bit where we raced up away from land that was boring – like you were crossing the Gulf out of sight of land. But once we got into the islands it was lovely.

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  5. Oh your poor things, seasickness is the worst! But it sounds like the pain was worth it for all your latest adventures Seb. It all sounds amazing – enjoy every second. And meanwhile we’ll get kids carnival ready for when you get home 🙂 Anne xx


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