Going West

We went to Cooktown to see Captain Cooks ships anchor, there was a canon as well. They were really rusty and old. We are following where the Endeavour sailed up the coast of Australia in our boat. At Cape Melville there were giant centipede and crocodile tracks in the sand. We stayed at a tiny tropical island for a night (Morris Island). Near Shelburne Bay I found a really, really big shell, it was almost completely buried in the sand, it’s ENORMOUS!!!!!! Today we sailed around Cape York!!!!!!!! It was really cool, we went to the very point of Australia and there was a sign at the very tip. Now we are sailing across the Gulf of Carpentaria for 3 days and nights without stopping (boring). PS the answer to the question of how long would it take to count to a billion (without stopping) is 347 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!map 1map 2IMG_2886IMG_2887IMG_2905IMG_2957IMG_2959IMG_3024IMG_3043IMG_3047IMG_3068IMG_3132IMG_3135IMG_3183IMG_3187

3 thoughts on “Going West”

  1. Wow, looks like you are having an amazing time. Keep the photos and trip itinerary coming. Safe travels across the Gulf of Carpentaria. Cheers


    1. wow! you have done a lot of things since I came and look like you are having a great time.
      ps: looking forward to seeing you again!


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