Inland trip to the the outback

We went to Cairns to see the Waifs(band). It was really good and LOUD!!! Then we went to see the Undarra lava tubes. They were really cool but had lot’s of bat’s in them. TEST: How long would it take you to count to one billion? please give me your answer. We went to Mt Isa to pick up a four wheel drive. It took us 8 hours to get there. After that we went to a nice camp site and we found a cane toad in one of our backpacks. My dad pretended to eat it. There were a lot (on almost every tree and stone) of green tree frog’s as well. At lunch the next day there was a big bull that wandered through the bush. I got really scared. We went to a fossil site at Riversleigh and there was the bones and gizzard stones of a big( giant)bird. We went to Lawn Hill National park, there was a nice gorge that we kayaked up. At the end there was a waterfall. It was really strong and I sat under it. That night when we came back to camp our BBQ was covered in bitey ants, you could stomp your foot at them and they would follow you if you ran away and attack you. There bites really hurt and were really itchy afterwards so we had to move camp. We found two stowaways in our kayak, they were green tree frogs (I’m writing a story called Mr and Mrs Frog and it’s based on them). On the way back to Port Douglas we stayed at a cattle station (West Leichhardt Station) where they were doing mustering (rounding the cows up) I got to ride in a big, old cattle truck that broke down half way to the cattle yards. The station owner asked us to come and have some pork chops with him and the ringers (stockmen), they were really tasty, we also had some billy tea. The station was 300,000 acres big!!!!! It was really dusty and hot.

Today we sailed to Lowe Islands and saw a few turtles. We’re heading off to Cape York tomorrow, it’s going to take a long time to get there.


10 thoughts on “Inland trip to the the outback”

  1. The last weekend I had a sleepover with max W
    And Daniel and dad is going to the wang ski club working bee. At school he are learning about natural disasters in inquiry and we are reading the Maze Runner as a class book.
    Hope to hear from you soon Simon


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