We went to Cardwell to HIDE from a CYCLONE!!!!!! We had to get the boat lifted out of the water.Near Airlie beach the winds got up to 260km/h(we started at Airlie Beach)!!! We saw a 4.5m crocodile on the front beach of Cardwell!!! It lived in a creek called sandfly(itchy)creek and the locals see it regularly and called it Hugo. We saw Australia’s biggest free falling waterfall that was 268m high(cool). We dropped Akira off at the Cairns airport(goodbye Akira).



15 thoughts on “CYCLONE!!!!”

  1. Wow Seb. What a surprisingly exciting time. Glad to hear you are all ok. Is the boat still ok to sail? Did Hugo the crocodile find his way back to the river?


  2. Wow Seb! You’ve had so many adventures already and you’re still only in Airlie Beach! Think how exciting it will be when you actually get to head north! Thanks for keeping us updated on your news and thanks for all the great pics. We particularly loved those waterfall ones. Glad to hear you’re all safe and we hope the boat is ok too. Love from us, Anne


  3. Hey Seb – the waterfall sounds great. Seeing a crocodile “in the wild” is pretty cool. I saw one too – last weekend when I was visiting Darwin. It was at one of the main Darwin beaches – good thing we didn’t go into the water! Did you drive or sail to Cairns? Are you off sailing again? Robyn.


  4. Hi Sebastian, We’re glad you didn’t get caught in the cyclone. What kind of lizard is in your picture? For my (Mira’s) country report (Australia), I have some questions for you:

    What typical food do you like to eat in Australia?
    Why is there a lot of desert over there?
    Do you wear a uniform to school?
    What do you do for Christmas (we know it’s in the summer for you)?

    Have a good time, Mira and Olivier

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    1. There not many typical foods because we are a young country and are very multicultural (England, Asia, Italy Greece). Australia is a big island and it rains on the coast leaving no further moisture to go inland. On the east coast there is a mountain range which causes moist air from the sea to fall as rain leaving the rest of the flat country dry. Yes we do wear school uniforms. On christmas we go to my aunt uncles beach house. We have a family christmas lunch (salad, turkey,ham,fish. I make panacotta for dessert) We have a game of cricket on the beach.( Last year we played petanque.). The lizard was a baby goanna.
      Good luck with the report


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